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Rapid Test KC

Rapid Test KC is owned by Alan and Ann DeFever, and they reside in Overland Park, KS.  Alan is a registered pharmacist and owns two independent pharmacies and Ann specializes in logistics.  The company started when the pandemic was in full swing, and we focused exclusively on Covid-19 testing.  As you can imagine, the need for an initial rapid Covid test was very high.  As the pandemic progressed so did travel restrictions. At that time, we started performing PCR tests to assist our patients with these travel requirements.

Initially, we started performing the COVID-19 tests in a large building just to the West of Sam's Club. This provided us with plenty of space for patients to pull up in their cars and receive the test without having to come in. As things developed, we started to provide COVID-19 vaccinations as well. Once again with the large space that we had it was possible to move a large number of patients through the building and performed thousands and thousands of vaccinations.

Collecting Samples

As the pandemic needs started to decrease we made the decision to try to transition our business into both health testing as well as drug and alcohol testing. In the summer of 2022, we moved from the large space to a smaller building just to the South of Red Robin. Since that time, we have been performing drug and alcohol testing for individuals and businesses as well as health tests for individuals. The health test includes cholesterol testing, thyroid testing, diabetes testing, strep, mono tests, etc.

Along the way, we have had an incredible staff of employees who have served patients in some of the toughest of conditions. At the beginning of the pandemic, everyone was fairly scared and our staff faced the challenge. They were also going out into the elements every day to test people in their cars. We were open 7 days a week and they performed around 75,000 tests in the snow, rain, heat, cold, etc.  We simply could not have done it without the help of so many amazing employees. Furthermore, Ann and I both greatly enjoyed getting to know our community better. We met some wonderful people and hopefully helped during a time of need.


Alan & Ann DeFever

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