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Alchohol Testing

Rapid Test KC offers a highly accurate and rapid results option for alcohol

**Results in 30-60 minutes**

What is the Alcohol test?

The test detects the presence of alcohol in the saliva and provides an approximation of the BAC (blood alcohol concentration) between 0.02% - 0.30%.

If you are looking for a quick and reliable test for yourself, a family member or in a business setting, this test will meet your needs.  A Laboratory Confirmation Test is available for an additional fee.

Medical Text

Alcohol Test Offered For:

  • Individual or Family member testing because you just want to know

  • Employers for pre-Employment testing OR existing employee testing needs

  • DOT Testing Requirements

DOT Collection - we are certified to provide DOT collection services that are then sent to a DOT Certified laboratory for testing

DOT Testing

Individual Testing

Instant Results

Price at $44.99

48 Hour Lab Test

Price at $99.99

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