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Drug & Alcohol Tests to Meet Your Needs

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Why Drug & Alcohol Testing

There are many reasons to order a drug or alcohol test.  If you are an Employer or HR Manager, the benefits of a Drug-Free Workplace are huge.  Substance abuse is the leading cause of workplace accidents.  It is also a leading cause of non-productivity and absenteeism.  We offer a wide variety of options for employers to help develop and manage a testing program.  

When you order a test with Rapid Test KC, we will find a lab to perform your test as close to your current location as possible.  We are established with a network of labs in every corner of the United States.  If you are in the Kansas City area then we can test you at our lab location in Overland Park, KS.  Upon receiving your registration, we will place the order with the closest lab to you or we can give you the choice if there are special circumstances.

Additionally, the Opioid Epidemic has impacted just about every group of people in the United States. Opiates have caused large-scale overdoses as well as left many struggling with addiction. 

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Available Drug & Alcohol Tests

Blood Test_edited.jpg
5 Panel – Basic 5 Panel Test (Non-DOT)

Most Frequent Test Ordered


Construction Workers_edited.jpg
5 Panel DOT Approved Test

Dept of Transportation Required Test


5 Panel w/ Expanded Opiates


5 Panel w/ Expanded Opiates + Alcohol

Common for Probation    


Drive-through Testing_edited.jpg
5 Panel ORAL w/ Partial Expanded Opiates

ORAL Test - 5 Panel Exp Opiates


5 Panel HAIR w/ Expanded Opiates

There are advantages to a Hair Test

5 Panel INSTANT Urine Test

Need Results Fast

Blood Test_edited.jpg
9 Panel – Basic 9 Panel Test


9 Panel w/ Expanded Opiates


9 Panel HAIR Test


10 Panel – Basic 10 Panel Test

Popular Test 


10 Panel w/ Expanded Opiates


Blood Test_edited.jpg
10 Panel w/ Expanded Opiates + Alcohol (EtG)

Popular for parole


10 Panel INSTANT Urine Test

Need fast result



Our Drug & Alcohol Tests

At Rapid Test KC, we offer a wide variety of drug and alcohol testing options and thousands of locations Nationwide to schedule your test.  We are here to help you determine what test is right for you.  As you can see above, the selection of tests is quite broad.  Some of the most common tests we perform are:

We can also help you determine which test will work best for you and can even customize the exact drugs that you are interested in testing.  If you are an employer, we can help you develop a Drug-Free Workplace Program.  That will include determining what drugs are most appropriate for your situation.  The program could test for the basic 5 Panel drugs all the way up to a comprehensive list of drugs and alcohol.

  • Any Non-Negative Drug & Alcohol test results will require further testing and the Medical Review Officer will contact the donor directly.  This can extend the resulting timeline to an average of 1 week.

  • Minors taking a Drug & Alcohol test will be contacted by the MRO if a non-negative result is initially determined.  They will not speak with the parent in these situations because these tests are not considered health tests.


Why Is Drug & Alcohol Testing Valuable

Drug & Alcohol Testing can be of great value to both businesses as well as individuals.  As stated above, the majority of workplace accidents are associated with substance or alcohol abuse.  Many jobs have safety concerns that should be monitored, and a Drug-Free Workplace Program can help employers maintain a safe workplace.  We will work with your company to determine what substances are of the most importance and significance.

Safety is the primary concern, but a close 2nd is Workplace EFFICIENCY.  Most of the time, the biggest expense that an employer has is payroll.  It only makes sense to make sure that your investment in employee wages has the highest ROI possible.  Studies have proven that one of the biggest reasons for decreased worker efficiency is drug and alcohol abuse.  These substances can have a dramatic effect on the employee’s quality of work and the ability to make good decisions.

Pre-Employment testing is often a great tool to prevent a poor hiring decision.  We offer these test options as well as ongoing testing programs.  Ordering a basic test is a good starting point if you have an immediate need.  If you would like to set up an ongoing testing agreement with us, please call us at 844-400-2252.

Drug & Alcohol Testing for Individuals

Individuals also can benefit from Drug & Alcohol Testing services.  Here are a few common reasons that individuals would like to order a drug test:


  • Pre-employment – you want to know privately before your pre-employment test.

  • Family Member Test – often parents want to test their children

  • Court Ordered or Parole Testing


We can help individuals determine what test is right for your and help you find a location that works best to get the test performed.

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