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How it Works

Rapid Covid & Antibody Testing in Overland Park | Safe, Reliable Results in 30 Minutes | Drive-Thru Location

1. Register Online

Patients will choose an appointment time and then fill out the registration form and submit it.  


Insurance Covered Covid Tests are covered by your medical insurance.  Please have your card upon arrival for the test as it is required for testing.

If you choose to pay cash for the Rapid Antigen test, it will be $199.00.  If you choose to pay cash for a combo Antigen/Flu test, it will be $249.00

See Test Options 

Receive a confirmation text/email. For assistance with your booking, Dial 913-400-2252 (click to call now on mobile) and we'll help you book your appointment.

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Drive-Through Testing

2. Arrive at Your Appointment

Arrive 5 minutes before your appointment time. 

Please pull into our drive-thru at 8669 W 135th St to the cones at the side door of the building.  

When you reach the front of the line, we will get your insurance information or collect your payment. 

We will then perform the procedure with you in your vehicle.

3. Get Your Results

If you do not need a printed report, we will ask if we can call you with the results.  

If you need a printed report of your test results, we can email those by the end of the day.  If you have urgent needs, you can wait in the parking lot and we will bring them out to you when the results are complete.

  • Phone Call - We will call you with your results promptly.  30 Minute Test will be called within the hour - 45 Minute Test within an hour - 24 Hour Test  by 5pm the next day.

  • Printed Documents - Need a printed results page? We can email you your results if requested. The email will be sent by the end of business that day.

  • Printed Documents ASAP - You can wait for your results and a printed document can be picked up curbside.

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