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Antibody Testing

Find out if You Had COVID between 14-90 Days or if the Vaccine Worked

Drive-thru testing and 30 minute Results Available!

PAST COVID Infection Results & Vaccine Effectiveness - Rapid & Accurate

What is the COVID-19 antibody test?

If you have had COVID-19 in the past 14-90 days, then your body has created Antibodies to help protect your body. We can help detect if you have these antibodies.

Who should be tested?

There are two very good reasons that this test would benefit you.  First, if you would like to determine if in fact you had COVID-19 over the past 3 months, we can tell you.  Second, after you do get your Covid vaccination, this test will tell you if the body has started creating Antibodies - this is the expected response that we are hoping for.

What is the value of doing this test?

For yourself: If you have already recovered from COVID-19, it’s helpful to know that you may possibly have a lower risk of getting infected again. This gives you and your doctor or healthcare provider added insight to make an informed decision about possibly returning to work, school, or other activity. 

Antibody testing is just one tool available to you while making decisions about your health. To help protect yourself and others from COVID-19, it is important to also follow the latest guidance set by your community, the CDC, and the FDA.

For your loved ones: Plus, you can alert your family and friends of your previous exposure and recommend they talk to their healthcare provider about testing if you had been in close contact.

For everyone: At the global and community level, public health officials can use antibody status data to get a more accurate picture of the prevalence of COVID-19. Understanding the true reach of the virus is key to slowing its spread.

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